4 Star Ag Refrigeration, Inc.
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The first link in the cold chain

• Incredible 3-D graphical objects: push buttons, numeric
entry, meters, line graphs, PID faceplates, etc. All are high-
speed, vector-based objects.

• 128 colors for use in objects and graphics.

• Display text in up to nine different languages (user-selected
by a push of a button!)

• Screen and object password protection (eight user-defined

• Unmatched alarm capability with history, count and details.

• Floating-point math.

• Built-in clock and calendar.

• Optional 512 K, 1 MB, and 2 MB flash memory cartridge for
non-volatile program storage and distribution.

• Expandable RAM memory cartridge for up to a total of 1 MB.

• Export alarms to Excel or CSV file.

• Multi-state Bitmap object (bit or word selectable).

• Multi-state Indicator/Message object (bit or word selectable)
allows up to four embedded data variables in messages.

• Scalable meters and bar graphs.

• Floating point support for Meters, Bar Graphs, PID and Line

• Project Simulation.

• Language Import/Export.

• Free Sizing of Touch Objects.

• Bitmap Creation/Editing.

• New Image Formats for Bitmap Objects.

• Display Tag Name/Address on Objects.

• Monitor Tag Values.

• Single File Project Saving.
Remote monitoring from
anywhere to anywhere
over the Internet.

See and use screens on a
remote PC just like you were
standing at the machine.

Dedicated Internet Ethernet port.
Remote or on
board data
storage with
slot for
removable SD
flash card up to
4 gig capacity.
Control Interface

- Monochrome or Color
- Sizes 6in.  to 15in.
- Very bright sunlight readable
   displays available.

•Compact modular design with full array of inputs and output:  
digital AC and DC inputs and outputs, analog inputs, analog
outputs with PID, thermocouple and RTD inputs.

• Battery back-up for real time clock and storage of operator

• Very fast running program runs in RAM with copy stored in
non-volatile flash memory, automatically reloads if RAM
memory is lost.

• RS 232 and RS 485 ports.

• Master/Slave module bases available for distributed control.