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The first link in the cold chain


    4 Star Ag Refrigeration specializes in agricultural refrigeration and
    refrigeration automation. Designers and manufacturers of high quality
    industrial refrigeration systems, we offer a full line of precoolers including
    COLD STORAGE and ICE EQUIPMENT. Extensive refrigeration and control
    engineering capability means systems can be designed to best fit the needs
    of each customer, including integrating more that one type of precooler, cold
    room and ice equipment into a complete cost effective system.

    In today's competitive produce business, there is a greater awareness of the
    role that precooling plays in marketing. Produce buyers are demanding
    proper precooling. The increased shelf life created by precooling allows for
    longer shipments, expanding the market area. Consumer demand for
    products that are high quality and mature make fast cooling near the point of
    harvest a must. Our business is to assist you in becoming more competitive
    by way of precooling equipment... designing refrigeration systems to meet
    your specific needs. We believe in taking a direct approach to assist you in
    reaching your goals. We can evaluate the system, capacity and package
    requirements, as well as equipment and operating cost for new systems or
    upgrading of existing systems.

    We have extensive experience in design using efficient, industrial
    components and methods. We are experienced in controls using
    electromechanical, programmable controllers, and microprocessors.

    We have a staff of technicians who are experienced and capable of
    assembling and building systems and performing all checkout and test

    We can provide total installation service, taking total system responsibility for
    the proper operation of your system.

    After the system is installed, you are not forgotten. We provide manuals,
    documentation and training on systems or our manufacture, making it
    possible for you to service the system yourself or by your local service
    company. We also have a service staff and can provide repair and rebuilding
    services on our systems, or on other manufacturer's products.

    Extensive experience in the design of existing equipment makes it possible to
    provide equipment and control upgrades that will increase efficiency and
    productivity and lower operating cost.

            The First Link in the Cold Chain — agrefrigeration.com

        4 Star Ag Refrigeration, Inc.       Texas, USA      361 765 1428

First vacuum cooler, 7 pallet, trailer mounted,
manufactured in 1982.
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